Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics! 

Yesterday DBCPS were invited to take place in the Dartford Schools Partnership Sporthall Athletics competition, a competition with schools from all over North Kent working together to improve the athletics we have in school.  It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our athletes and take part in both indoor track and field events and it was so well delivered by the hosts that our children thoroughly enjoyed it.  Supported by Mrs Pilbeam, Miss Dobson and Mr Eastes our Year 5 and 6 competitors made their way to the indoor sports hall at North West Kent College and were greeted with cheers and a rigorous work out to help warm up their muscles.  Each competitor in our team were able to participate in a maximum of two track and two field events and we were in the first heats against 7 other schools.  There was one further group made up of 7 schools.  From the heats, points were then awarded for every child in every event and combined to get an overall winner.

The events on offer were:

  • Obstacle course – including speed bounce, hurdles, fast foot maze.
  • Up and under – including hurdles and a tunnel to get through at full speed.
  • Relay races for 1+1 laps (two children running one lap each).
  • 2+2 laps (two children running two laps each).
  • 6 lap paarlurf (between two children they had to compete against other schools to complete 6 laps the fastest using whatever strategy they wished).
  • The 4 x 1 relay,
  • Soft javelin.
  • Chest push.
  • Standing long jump.
  • Standing triple jump.
  • Vertical jump.
  • Speed bounce.

As you can see a host of activities for our children to compete in and we are extremely proud of them. Not just for their sporting ability and achievements but for their teamwork, support to each other and manners. The children represented the school so very well!

Amongst the highlights were our girls over and under team doing well and coming third, our speed bounce girl and boys teams coming third, one Year 6 winning the vertical jump and our boys relay 4×1 team winning the event in a fiercely competitive race that was won with less than a second splitting the top two.  Overall our team finished joint 8th in the North Kent division and we are all proud of this achievement.

We look forward to further competitions and have no doubt our children will represent us well once again!

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