Saving and Budgeting

Today, two employees from Lloyds Bank helped us to learn life skills such as how to economise (save money) and budget effectively.  We learned how to refer to bank statements and looked at ways of cutting down costs so that we could save for something purposeful. We used lots of banking terms such as ‘expenditure’, ‘balance’ and ‘currency’.

Children gained lots of positive learning experiences from the session and worked collaboratively to problem solve and complete a real-life scenario.

Yuri mentioned that he learned “how to cut down on things that aren’t important. For example not just watching all the latest movies that are released”.

Catherine expressed that she was “very grateful to have Lloyds bank come in and help us all  to learn how to budget..”

Vware explained that she “really enjoyed the session” and  it will help her “succeed in making future budgets.”

Honor: “I learned how to budget money to help save for important things.”

Serena : “I learned how to save money and how to make better choices about what to buy and what not to buy.”.

Thomasina: “Lloyds Bank taught me that £1 was 1.75 Australian dollars and I really enjoyed the fact that they came!”

Oreo :“Lloyds bank taught me how to save my money effectively.”

It was a very positive experience for both year 5 classes! We are extremely grateful to Lloyds Bank for this wonderful and purposeful opportunity.



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