Children in Need Assembly

The purpose of our school assembly was to raise awareness and to raise money for Children in Need. The assembly displayed that not every child has access to the opportunities they have and perhaps sometimes take for granted. Some children have operations and hospital appointments as part of their daily routine and they need extra support. Year 5 came together to remind everyone about the less fortunate.  Children that have medical or social issues can still achieve their goals through support from Children In Need.

We made a recording of our assembly and this will be made available to parents very soon.

Highlight Photos

Thomasina: “I wanted to help raise money for Children in Need because some children are not as fortunate as me”.

Kailey: “I think that we can even raise more money because some people are less well off than us”.

Avery: “I learned that there are still a lot of children in need and we have to help them, no matter how long it takes”.

Serena “I want to help Children in Need because some children don’t have enough resources to have a great education like we do”.

Philip : “We should raise money for children in need , even more than last year. Children are desperate need for ‘survival’ . There is a difference to be made so keep raising money for Children In Need”.

Caitlin: “£2 helps to buy materials for a play therapy session for children ,that offers the opportunity for children with cancer to express their feelings”.

Honor : “I think more people should raise money for CIN because it helps to raise money for various people who have needs and disabilities”.



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