Lloyds Financial Literacy

Lennox and Jaggar class were privileged to have Mrs Tiamiyu from Lloyds bank to teach our children about financial literacy.

The children heard a story about two children who were badgering their mum for toys.  The learnt about how money is earned and how proportions of that money are spent on bills and important things that are needed to survive.  The children were surprised how little is left to pay for things that we might want like treats (meals out, cinema trips, video games and toys).

The children then had to split the cards into two groups – wants and needs. Once they had done that they had to share proportions money (represented by cubes) between the cards (which had a set number of cubes needed to buy/settle the bill). The children realised that they didn’t have enough cubes for each of the cards and had to negotiate with the rest of their group which of the cards needed the cubes.

Some children had some tough decisions – video games or water! For others the decisions were easy.  All the children made sensible choices and negotiated well with their groups.

We would all like to wish a massive thank you to Mrs Tiamiyu for her hard work, an excellent lesson and for giving up her time to come and visit us.



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