Imperial War Museum

Firstly, we arrived at school and fastened our wristbands on around our wrists, got in our groups and strolled of to the fast track bus stop.  After that we got on the train for 45 minutes and to pass out time: Manish, Rahim, Thomas, Kenny and I played the Skittle challenge and I spy. It was entertaining!

By Yimika

Once upon arrival, we embarked off the train, knowing that after about 15 minutes of walking we will be creating some great memories. Filled with delight, we strode through London enjoying the frosty, scenic streets and the hustling and bustling of coffee shops alongside us. As we reached the Imperial war museum, my eyes fell upon a large and majestic structured building; great large canons stood before it presenting a cross!

By Farha

In groups, we split up and went into the rationing section and explored what people ate during WW2 times. The museum was massive and had 5 stories, however we did not visit every level. One of the favourite part of the museum was when we learnt about the ‘The Secret War’ department of the museum. This sections taught us how they worked for departments such as MI5 or MI6 , Morse coding and many other codes that were used during war times!.

By Alex

Walking around the museum silently was hard, but we got used to it! As we investigated the museum we came across displays of trenches and even an Anderson Shelter. There were lots of artefacts of submarines, spitfires, medals and weapons. It was inspiring to see all those artefacts with our naked eyes as we have been studying about these at school.

By Keisha



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