Joseph Delaney, Author Visit

This week we were fortunate enough to have a visit from a successful author, Joseph Delaney, who spent time with our year 5 and 6 children talking about his various books (the Spooks and Arena 13 series), characters, writing processes, editing and what it takes to get published. He even read a few excerpts from his stories!  Discussion then moved to how perseverance is key to being successful as an author, which applies to other aspects of life as well, and even took the time to answer many questions from the children.

We hope his time spent here will inspire any budding writers/authors in school and help them understand more about what it takes to become an author.

You can learn more about Joseph Delaney on his website here.



  • catherine

    After the talk about the books and film I am really intrested in the spooks!
    I am so grateful!

  • Philip

    What a day when Joseph Delaney came to our school!!! He judiciously told us all about being an author and next steps I wonder what’s it’s like. The real author of the book series the spooks WOW!! I mean think about it a real author. Year 5 and 6 go to ask fantastic questions. Joseph is such a kind man a I loved his answers 100 percent. He is a big inspiration to writing and or reading.

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