DSTC Technology Trip

On a wet and windy Friday before Christmas, some Year 5 and 6 children made the journey to Dartford Science and Technology College to discover the world of technology that awaits them in Secondary School.

Their challenge was to make a wooden spinner and handle so they could play skittles:

They were taken through the process, step by step, by the teacher Mr Law.

From using a metal rule to measure and mark up their designs:

To using a tenon saw, ensuring the blade was kept vertical and the saw horizontal and a coping saw to remove the centre of the handle.

They even got the chance to drill their own holes for the spinner to sit in:

To make their spinner handle easy to use, the corner was sanded down on a belt sander:

Great care and pride was taken, while making their handle, to ensure it was comfortable to hold. Metal files were used to round off the corners and then a final sanding was used to remove any pencil marks and to ensure the handle was smooth.

Then came time to make the spinner. The first choice was to decide on the shape of their spinner, round or octagonal. After a demonstration of both, the octagonal spinner, which bounced off the edges of the arena, was by far the most popular choice. A wooden peg needed to be hammered into the spinner, glued into place and a hole drilled through the middle of the peg. This allowed a waxed piece of string to be threaded through, twisted round the peg, ready to be pulled off and release the spinner.

Thank you to Mr Law and DSTC for making this trip possible.



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