Film Club: The Magic Roundabout

‘The Magic Roundabout’ lies in ruins; the evil ice sorcerer ZeBedee is on the loose and the fate of the enchanted land hangs in the balance. As a frosty mist sweeps the earth, four unlikely heros Brian, Ermintrude, Dylan and Dougal step forward to challenge the chill. They must recover three magical diamonds to reverse the onset of winter and return ZeBedee to his prison beneath the ground. Easy, you may say – If you’re not a snail, a cow, a rabbit or a dog.

Across the furnaces of a fiery volcano, through the hidden dangers of a jungle temple, over the snow-capped mountains of the icy wilderness, our sub-zero heroes must voyage and survive. The destiny of the world rests on their shoulders. Only through teamwork, friendship and exceptional bravery will they deliver the enchanted land from a frozen fate.

Let us know in the comments below what you thought about the film and what you rated it out of ten or hand in your written review.



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