Film Club: The Artist

This ingenious and heartfelt homage to silent era cinema is fittingly shot in black-and-white and with no dialogue. But don’t let that put you off, because it’s an absolute cracker! Visually gorgeous and hugely funny, the effervescent, comedy drama opens in 1927, with screen idol George Valentin riding high in Hollywood before the dawn of the ‘talkies’. Rich and ultra-famous, he feels invincible, making him happy to help wannabe actress Peppy Miller achieve her dream when she romantically crosses his path. However, the sudden arrival of sound in movies throws his benevolence back in his face, as Peppy is transformed into a massive star almost overnight, whilst the now outmoded George painfully falls from grace.

This was a very different film from what we’re used to seeing at Film Club and we’re pleased you were all able to watch it through to the end.

Did you enjoy watching a black and white film? Did you manage to follow the story without any dialogue/speaking in the film?



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