Art Club


Lead: Mrs Parker

When: Key Stage 2: Mondays, 3.20pm – 5pm

In our school we strongly believe that art is not only a mean of expressing oneself through creativity, but can have a much wider impact on pupils’ intellectual and emotional development and wellbeing.   Art nurtures inventiveness, engages children in a process that aids self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation. What is more, participating in art activities helps pupils to gain the tools necessary for understanding and respecting others’ ways of working and thinking, developing creative problem-solving skills, and communicating thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways.

The KS2 Art Club is very popular. So far, the young artist have designed and decorated canvas bags, practised different mark making techniques, drawn from observation, learnt about the Futurist movement and tried photomontage, and there are lots of plans for the future sessions including learning the colour theory, different printmaking techniques and typography, just to mention a few.

The sessions take place on Mondays from 3.20 p.m  to 4.45 p.m and are led by Mrs Parker.