Coaching at DBCPS

DBCPS: A Coaching School

Welcome to DBCPS, a school that prides itself on self-development for our staff and children.  Since 2015-16 we have established an ethos as a coaching school and worked alongside Mike Hughes, an esteemed practitioner who is renown for his principles on Coaching and Professional Development.  For more information on Mike and his work please visit his website:  Mike has worked closely with us to establish how coaching could be effective within our school and has worked both whole school and with our coaching leads to develop our confidence, knowledge and skills in creating a coaching pathway at DBCPS.

So what does coaching look like at our school?

A key principle with coaching is that it is non-judgemental and all our staff embark on a journey whereby they decide their own short term targets to develop their own practice.  We believe that by constantly wishing to improve and working towards our goals we will in turn improve the education of our children at DBCPS.  Coaching is not just an ethos shared by the teachers but our support staff and office staff also engage with our coaching cycle.  Our coaching is also moving to a fluid cycle whereby staff will set

themselves targets and work on them via filming their lessons specifically looking at what they wish to improve on.  In order to do this we work in ‘buddy groups’ made up of 2 to 4 staff members and then have a larger group with a coaching lead who supports in coaching sessions and development – for example looking at how to lead a coaching session, posing the right questions and coaching rather than mentoring.  We work together as a team to support each other and we develop our own in-house CPD cycle looking at improving our teaching and learning with coaching at the heart of this.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Firstly coaching is about helping people improve and so we believe that from coaching as a school we can all learn from one another.  The result of this is more shared practice and collaboration across our school.  It also leads to an increase in self reflection and unlocking a staff members potential to maximise their own performance and more importantly it is helping our staff learn, rather than teaching them.  We have a highly skilled staff and by coaching at DBCPS we consistently strive for development and being the best we can be.  Also coaching is enjoyable!  An important part of coaching is ownership and it being fun and wanting to be involved in coaching.  Our staff do and this positive attitude transcends across our school and beyond.  Our aim is for our school to be open to both staff and parents who feel they can come in to school and see our teaching and learning in action.  As a staff we are here to support each other all the time and with such an open mind we believe that at DBCPS there are only positives to be gained from us supporting and coaching together.

What our staff say about coaching…

“Coaching has been a great benefit to our school because it has provided us with more opportunities to talk about our actual teaching skills with other teachers in our school and encourage us to be reflective together. It has allowed us the chance to hear ideas from other staff, not just SLT members who come into class but other teachers who have knowledge and advise we may not always hear. “

“Since joining the school I have felt more confident in my teaching and having a supportive coaching group has enabled me to learn from others and develop my own teaching further.  Whilst courses are always good to go on, to have this continuous opportunity to develop with people who know me best as a teacher, coaching is definitely the best CPD for me.”

Want to be part of our journey forward?

If you are looking to join our school, with coaching being at the heart of it, please see our school vacancies on Kent Teach.