Lennox | Y2

Class Teacher: Mrs Crocker

Unqualified Teacher: Mrs Connelly (Monday and Thursday afternoons)

Phase Support Team: Miss Elliott, Mrs Upadhay, Miss Scott, Mrs Waterton, Mrs Connelly.

Annie Lennox OBE is a singer songwriter and is well known for her work  supporting charities. She was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on 25th December 1954. In 2011 Annie Lennox received an OBE for her all her hard work to charities and her Humanitarian work around the world. Annie Lennox has received many awards for contributions to music as well.

Annie Lennox began her career in the 1970’s where she formed a band with her friend Dave Stewart; although the band disbanded in 1979 the pair became the Eurythmics. The Eurythmics went on to sell over 75 million albums and achieved over 20 international hits across the world. Annie Lennox has also has a very successful solo career.

Lennox Class is one of our Year 2 classes at Dartford Bridge Community Primary School. Throughout the year we will be undertaking several different topics through a cross- curricular approach.  Our first topic will be, ‘Tunnels, Turrets and Towers’, where we will be learning about castles through the ages and different structures from around the world.

Our class uses the whole school lily pad behaviour system where the children aim to be on ‘Green’ by the end of the day, excellent behaviour will be rewarded with silver or gold! We also use Dojo points to reward the children for their hard work, manners, and specific achievements.

As children enter in the mornings they will have a special place to put their water bottles, and will need to select a coloured counter for their lunch choice to put next to their name, before starting their early morning task.

We encourage children to think about ‘Growth Mindset’ in our class and value every child’s contributions, celebrating risk-taking and curiosity. We follow the Ubuntu philosophy and everybody works together to create an inclusive, supportive and happy environment! We like smiles!

Please note:

  • Reading books will be changed on a Monday.
  • Homework is given out on a Wednesday and will be expected back on a Monday.
  • Multiplication Tables will be tested on a Friday.
  • PE days are Monday and Thursday.